Film Laboratory

LA ACADEMIA Film Laboratory Specialized in film processing, from manipulation during production, storage services, color correction, and post-production of films. Big-screen and other media presentation level guaranteed through international-standard procedures.   Services Production or shooting Video Assistance DIT-Data Storage Digital Laboratory Live Color Correction Control of image on set Color Control Audio Contol Data management […]

Sound Studio

LA ACADEMIA Sound Studio This is a specialized and well-equipped space where stories are created from sound. From recording to mixing and sound production, we assume bringing into reality each detail of sound in the production with high quality and fidelity. Among our services are: 
Voices Voices off and Voice-overs Local and remote ADR Extra […]

Acting Academy and Crew Training

LA ACADEMIA Acting Academy and Crew Training This is an initiative from renowned is the word director Jayro Bustamante and his company, La Casa de Producción, with a view to discovering new talents and strengthening the local film industry. People of all ages from Guatemala and the whole of Central America will have access to […]

Les Films Du Volcan

LA ACADEMIA   Les Films du Volcan is a relatively young French production company founded in 2019 by Georges Renand and Jayro Bustamante. Its purpose is to support independent film and accompany the creation of Central American movies as co-producers, offering an international dimension to these works.   Les Films du Volcan seeks to support […]

Fundación Ixcanul

LA ACADEMIA   Fundación Ixcanul works under the principle that film, aside from being a space for fun and relaxation, is a powerful force which transforms people’s lives and society itself. Films allow us to shatter stereotypes, build new narratives, imagine a future with greater justice, arouse people’s sensitivity, find consensual positions, promote empathy, etc. […]

La Sala de Cine

LA ACADEMIA A space for art and experimental film in Guatemala. This project began in 2017, a concept brought forward by Guatemalan film director Jayro Bustamante. La Sala de Cine is the only space of this nature in Guatemala, with free entrance and offering a selection of art and experimental films. Film arts and the […]