Marina Peralta

Jayro Bustamante Melissa Rosales Marina Peralta Marina Peralta Founding member of La Casa de Producción in 2009. She joined Jayro Bustamante to produce his first short film, called Cuando sea grande. In 2015 they released Ixcanul, award winner at the Berlin International Film Festival. She also was producer on Jayro Bustamante’s Temblores and La Llorona. […]

Melissa Rosales

Jayro Bustamante Melissa Rosales Marina Peralta Melissa Rosales General Manager and Producer at La Casa de Producción since 2015. She began her cinematic journey with Jayro Bustamante’s first film, Ixcanul. She was Administrative Manager for Temblores and La Llorona, as well as for several documentaries and publicity produced by LCP.   She is an architect […]

Jayro Bustamante

Jayro Bustamante Melissa Rosales Marina Peralta Jayro Bustamante Jayro Bustamante is a Guatemalan film director, producer and screenwriter, born and raised in a Maya community on the shores of Lake Atitlán. He studied Social Communication at San Carlos de Guatemala University. After graduating, he began working in publicity at Ogilvy & Mather. In 2002 he […]