Les Films du Volcan is a relatively young French production company founded in 2019 by Georges Renand and Jayro Bustamante. Its purpose is to support independent film and accompany the creation of Central American movies as co-producers, offering an international dimension to these works.


Les Films du Volcan seeks to support original creations which reflect the multiple and varied -always complex- very harsh realities of Latin America.


Its purpose is to give a voice to those whose stories are often left unknown or even hidden.


By establishing itself in France, Les Films du Volcan intends to offer greater visibility to determined and talented filmmakers who offer a fresh view of these territories and history that deserve to be shared beyond its borders.


In this perspective, Les Films du Volcan is closely tied to La Casa de Producción in Guatemala, with whom it co-produced La Llorona. This film premiered in Venice in 2019 and was instantly a great success. La Llorona has garnered awards for Best Director at the Venice Film Festival, Best Foreign Language Film by the Boston Society of Film Critics and the National Board of Review, Best Foreign Film by the Seattle Film Critics Society and the Hollywood Critics Association, and Best Film by Peabody Awards. It was also nominated for the National Society of Film Critics, the Golden Globes, and the Oscar Academy Awards.


Les Films du Volcan will soon present Cordillera de Fuego, a co-production between La Casa de Producción and the University of Edinburgh.