The Argentine crisis of 2001 is about to explode. Felipe, age 13, sees his home and family collapse under the economic and political pressure his parents are facing. Alone and misunderstood, he falls in love with Lucía, the girl next door, and for a little while forgets his solitude. But when violence visits them as an immediate danger, Felipe runs away with her, sick of the adults’ lies, leaving behind his innocence.

Genre: Coming of age

Length: 90 minutes

Year: 2023

Language: Spanish

Director: Federico Schmukler

Writer: Federico Schmukler

Producers: Julieta Sánchez, Jayro Bustamante, Franz Novotny, Carlo D’ursi Fortunato and Gustavo Matheu

Cast: Analía Juan , Andrea del Carmen Charras , Catalina Oliva , Felipe Szumik , Pablo Limarzi

World premiere: pending

Coproduction: Argentina: Brujas Producciones; Guatemala: La Casa de Producción; Spain: Lupa Producciones

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