When I Grow Up


In the highlands of Guatemala, a region inhabited mostly by Mayas, a pure love springs up between two girls. One is Maya, age 12, and the other is of mixed race, age 9. Differences in dress, physical features, social standing and culture have no place in this relationship. One day, however, the girls discover that this perfect world of childish joy has been modelled by an adult hand.

Technical specs:

Genre: Drama / Fiction

Length: 14 minutes 

Year: 2012 

Languages: Spanish, French and Kaqchikel 

Director: Jayro Bustamante 

Writer: Jayro Bustamante 

Producers: Jayro Bustamante, Marina Peralta, Amélie Quéret y Ana Vivar 

Cast: Melanie Recinos, Fabiola Cumes, Angelica Sosa, Marta Buch. 

Premiere: June 8, 2012 

Coproduction: Guatemala: La Casa de Producción;  France: Takami Productions

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