Marina Peralta

Founding member of La Casa de Producción in 2009. She joined Jayro Bustamante to produce his first short film, called Cuando sea grande. In 2015 they released Ixcanul, award winner at the Berlin International Film Festival. She also was producer on Jayro Bustamante’s Temblores and La Llorona.


Her early professional life was in medical services in the highlands of Guatemala during the armed conflict. Her experiences during this period led her to develop deep ties with Mayan communities.


Towards the end of the nineties, she went into independent business. She has always been interested in diverse cultures and the art world, which led her to accompany Jayro Bustamante’s career as a film director.

Experience in Cinema

  • La Llorona (2019)

  • Temblores (2019)

  • Ixcanul  (2015)

  • Cuando sea grande (2012)