Melissa Rosales

General Manager and Producer at La Casa de Producción since 2015. She began her cinematic journey with Jayro Bustamante’s first film, Ixcanul. She was Administrative Manager for Temblores and La Llorona, as well as for several documentaries and publicity produced by LCP.


She is an architect and has developed several projects in production, on sets and remodeling sites for Jayro Bustamante’s films.


She coordinated production and logistics for red carpet ceremonies at the openings of La Llorona and Temblores.

Experience in Cinema

  • Cordillera de Fuego (2022 pending premiere) – Producer
  • Rita (2021 pending premiere) – General Manager
  • La Llorona (2019) – Financial Administrator
  • Temblores (2019) – Financial Administrator
  • Ixcanul (2015) – Assistant Site Coordinator