Born in Santa María de Jesús, Sacatepequez Guatemala  in 1994.


María Mercedes personality is dynamic, responsable, dedicated, following her dream of keep on studying acting, and learning new acting skills .


With her high school finished, she was involved in several acting workshops with the director Jayro Bustamante in Icaro´s Film Festival.


Her first professional experience in acting was the movie Ixcanul, with the main role. Since the Ixcanul released, Ixcanul has been seen by 10,000 students, doing some workshops, and debates about the problematics in Guatemala. She became in a positive messages embassador with Guatemalan youth. She has been the image for social campaigns such as “Defender la Vida es un Derecho (“Life Defense is a Right”), and “Mi compromiso es” (“My commitment is”) with OXFAM in 2016. She has been the coverage model for fashion magazines like “Look Magazine”, and one of her interview is part of the Pepsi`s Campaign “Guatemorfosis” and for the presentation of the United Nations Population Fund`s Report.


She won The Best Youvenil Actress award in Montreal Film Festival, and the Ixil Order given by the Guatemalan Government. Besides that she was invited to participate in the 65 Annual Berlinale Film Festival, Guadalajara´s Film Festival, Siberia`s Film Festival and the Platino Awards in 2016.
In March of 2017 Maria Mercedes is shooting the movie “Bel Canto” in New York and México. Bel Canto is a Hollywood movie directed by Paul Weitz, sharing Cast Credits with the Oscar winner Julianne Moore.