Born in Santa María de Jesús, Guatemala, María Telón was widowed early in her life, left with four children to upbring. That experience awakened the actress in her. Acting is a means to channel María Telon’s force.


María began working with a theater company approaching issues affecting mayans and women in Guatemala. Her talent is notorious and her work grows, alternating between town plazas and city theaters. Under different directors, Maria Telon becomes an actress.


Her career in cinema started in the movie “Dust” by Julio Hernandez. Acting at the church atrium at her community, Maria Telon was casted to co-star in Ixcanul. The screenplay was aligned with the type of work she liked.


Maria Telon is compromised with the project and ends up as a guest at the 65th Berlinale with Ixcanul, where she received along with the crew, the Alfred Bauer Silver Bear. She has been awarded in several international festivals, as Best Actress at the Lima Festival 2015, and Best Actress and the Mumbai Film Festival 2015, for her role in Ixcanul.