Juan Pablo Olyslager

Juan Pablo Olyslager is an actor of many talents, born in Guatemala City.


He went into acting from his early youth, in advertising and later in theater productions.


He is a Renaissance man, having studied in several countries, beginning in Herbert Meneses and Ana María Bravo’s acting school in Guatemala. He was at St. Martin’s College of Art in London, and at the San Antonio de los Baños film school in Cuba, with renowned teacher Miriam Lezcano; in Los Angeles with Kimberly Jentzen and in New York with Robert Perillo, at the Stella Adler school.


His first incursion into film was in 2004, with the feature La casa de enfrente directed by Elías Jiménez, and he has since gone on to become the Central American actor with the widest filmography, taking part in a number of US and Latin American productions. 


In 2017 he took part in the film Septiembre, un llanto en silencio, directed by Kenneth Müller. That same year he joined the cast of Temblores, by Jayro Bustamante, and attended the acting academy directed by Bustamante himself, training in Stanislavski method acting and Theater of the Oppressed. His work as protagonist of Temblores won him his first award in 2019 for outstanding performance in international narrative, in the LA Outfest Festival and the Icaro award for best actor. He was nominated along with Joaquin Phoenix, Adam Driver, Leonardo di Caprio and Antonio Banderas at the LEJA Festival Awards in 2020 (Latino Entertainment Journalists Association).


He took part in the widely acclaimed film by Jayro Bustamante, La Llorona, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2019. That same year the film El túnel, el ojo y el muro came out, in which he acted as well. More recent projects include Cadejo blanco in 2021 and the US film Free Dead or Alive in 2022.


So far his talent and experience continue to open doors for him in cinema projects, as he awaits the premiere of his most recent endeavor.


  • Motorcycle pilot

  • Speedboat and waverunner pilot

  • Yoga

  • Actor

  • Model

  • Student small aircraft pilot

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball


  • Croquet
  • Billiards
  • Ping-pong
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Snow skiing
  • Snowboarding


Spanish 100%
English 100%
French 35%


  • 10 Kilos (2023)
  • Free Dead or Alive (2022)
  • Cadejo Blanco (2021)
  • Hogar Seguro (2020)
  • La Llorona (2019) 
  • Temblores(2019) 
  • Septiembre, Un llanto en silencio (2017)
  • The Killing hour (2016) 
  • El Paletero (2016) 
  • W2MW: Welcome to my world (2016) 
  • El túnel, el ojo y el muro (2015) 
  • Donde nace el sol (2013) 
  • El Xendra (2012)
  • Snuff dogs (2011) 
  • Toque de queda (2011)
  • La Bodega (2010)
  • V.I.P.: La otra casa (2007)
  • La Casa de Enfrente (2004)



  • Desnutrición Crónica infantil – Nútreme
  • Back to School- Tigo
  • Minuto de Silencio – D4 McCANN