Margarita Kénefic

Guatemalan by choice, Irish ancestry on her father’s side and mestiza on her mother’s, Margarita Kénefic was favored with a bilingual education and bicultural upbringing that opened her understanding of human causes and issues to make them her own.


She was inclined towards literature from an early age, and by the end of her teens had defined theater as her life choice. She trained with massive teachers, among them Hugo Carrillo, top Guatemalan playwright and all-around theatrical genius. She holds a degree in Dramatic Arts, specialized in dramaturgy. 


She considers theater, film and storytelling to be tools for social and political change, by which groups and communities can both enact and analyze an actual conflict, perhaps achieving a greater understanding of it, and also put it out there for the world to see.    


Her own body of work includes more than twenty written plays, acting over fifty years in three different companies, and at this time immersed in screenwriting under the guidance of acclaimed filmmaker Jayro Bustamante, acting in his films and serving as coach for beginning actors in his company’s productions. 


  • Film and theater actor
  • Dramatist
  • Writer
  • English/Spanish translator
  • Tai Chi instructor for beginners
  • Acting coach and teacher


Spanish 100%
English 100%


  • La Llorona (2019)
  • Nuestras Madres (2019)
  • Aro Tolbukhin (2002)



  • Basalto, sportswear (2022)
  • Photo model