María Telón

Born in the town of Santa María de Jesús, in Sacatepéquez, Guatemala, María Telón grew up in an indigenous community where women work mostly in agriculture, in the fields.


In her youth she acquired a love for theater and joined with other women of her town to start a community theater company. They staged plays which highlighted the troubled situation of indigenous communities and especially women in Guatemala.


Her first work on the big screen was with film director Julio Hernández, in the feature Polvo in 2012.


She would go on to become a well-known actress after 2015, with the widely acclaimed Jayro Bustamante trilogy in which her outstanding talent was showcased: Ixcanul in 2015, Temblores in 2019, and La Llorona in 2019 as well. She received several awards as best actress in international festivals.


María also took part in an Israeli series called Miguel in 2017, which opened in Cannes and obtained recognition in Cannes Series.


Her acting talent has opened doors for her in Hollywood with the film Wakanda Forever in 2022, where she shared scenes with Lupita Nyong’o.


This year she has done outstanding work in the short film Gabriela, with her character named Alma.


  • Acting
  • Interpreter
  • Voice and diction technique
  • Theater
  • Mayan spiritual guide


Spanish 100%
Kaqchikel 100%
Tz'utujil 60%


  • Black Panther : Wakanda Forever – Marvel/Disney ( 2022)
  • La Llorona (2019)
  • Nuestras Madres (2019)
  • Temblores (2019)
  • Ixcanul (2015)
  • Polvo (2012)



  • Gabriela (2023)
  • Tether (2015)



  • Miguel ( 2017 Israeli tv series)



  • Guatemala siempre hacia delante (2020)